My Very First Classroom Form

You may download a copy of my classroom form for free at the following link… or download a copy here RewardStickers

This form was created as a general classroom form with a variety of uses, and to also be personalized for whatever the needs and goals are. I left enough space below the form to add a legend, notes, etc., or to just keep blank. There is also room on the top of the title, “Reward Stickers”, to personalize the form for whatever it will be used for. I specifically created this form as a goal chart for my 4 and 5 year old to be used for several different needs we have within the classroom at home. I have printed out several copies of the form to be used to work on improving my children´s manners and behaviors throughout the day, for use with their daily lessons being completed, and quiz/tests/assessments taken as well as being used for my children/students to star out what time of day has past for each day of the week as they learn what AM, Noon, PM, and abbreviated day of the week it is, as just a few examples for its use. The stars are perfectly sized to put a colored star sticker inside of. Also each colored star could represent a certain amount of points for a daily/weekly rewards point system that you would like to implement into your classroom. My legend for my point system, for example might include a gold star sticker=50 points (exceptional), a silver star=25 points (above average), a green star=15 points (satisfactory), a blue star=10 points (needs improvement), a red star=5 points (below average). At the end of the day have teacher/student time to discuss the colored stars earned for that day. The form has plenty of room on it to write notes where needed, and as needed. I left enough space before the AM, Noon, and PM to write, for example, student´s specific lessons completed, quiz/tests taken for certain subject(s), or a specific behavior/manner a student demonstrated that was observed. At the end of the week there is also space at the end of each time of day row to write, for example, subject area that was improved or needs work on for the following week. This form is a wonderful way to keep track of a student with his/her daily and weekly goals that are being set forth for or by him/her, and the progress that is being made by the student, with enough space to write or stamp specific dates as well on the form. I also suggest laminating the sheet, placing it in a sheet protector, or placing it in the front or back of a binder pocket (to save on paper and ink), if the form is to be continually used, and not being kept as a permanent kind of record. For example, it may not be as important or necessary to keep a permanent record of manners/behaviors from week to week. Additionally, if you desire in lieu of colored star stickers you could also use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to fill in the stars as other alternatives. Lastly, a student of any age may even want to use this form to track his or her own personal progress towards a goal, as opposed to the teacher only tracking progress. For younger students, even small pictures can be added in front of the AM, Noon, and PM rows to help aid with goal setting for a young student not able to read or write yet to help define his or her goal for a sticker or star to be filled in. This is my very first classroom form I made originally in Paint. I hope to hear from anyone who has used the form. Feedback is definitely appreciated, Thanks 🙂

An Added Note by the Owner…         posted by Miss Bonkers
Please note that this form is in landscape format, and not portrait format. Landscape format was used to allow for enough space that might be needed, for example, to add all or some of the following…student name, personal notes, small pictures or drawings, a date or date stamp, a legend, and adding to the title to personalize specifically what kind of reward sticker form that it is being used for. For example, I may personalize my form as, “Behavior Reward Stickers”. Also, I might instruct my child/student to think of a behavior he/she thinks that they need to work on the most. I would next instruct him/her to draw a picture related to that kind of behavior they thought of that needs to be improved upon. If a behavior is too difficult to draw then either draw the behavior for the student if that is possible, such as an ear or closed lips with perhaps adding a zipper across the lips if the behavior needing improvement was listening, or placing an x over the lips, or write what the behavior is preferably using one word, such as “listening”. If a certain behavior problem involved with listening needs a lot of improvement, and it is an ongoing challenge throughout the day for a child/student, I suggest titling the form as “Listening Reward Stickers. This form would be a great way for both student and teacher to monitor/track, and discuss together when and why listening was more challenging for him or her at certain times of the day. My oldest student age 5 interrupts a lot, and I thought perhaps this classroom form would be helpful to her to monitor herself with the form rather than just myself monitoring her own behavior issue. I hope that by her coloring in the stars and/or her using star stickers will also help keep her motivated to change a certain behavior, or to effort herself to complete a lesson, again using the point system as a way of tracking that progress made with her lessons. Using the point system with adding a legend on the same form or another form, I also hope that she may earn enough points for a physical reward at the end of each week. The reward at the end of the day will always be there for her such as a hug with acknowledgement for any efforts she made, even if the efforts were short lived, towards doing something that was good for her to do. At the end of the week, a physical reward might include something on her wish list. For example, my daughter may have a tutu on her wish list. A tutu may require at least 200 points to be earned. So, if my daughter received 15 consistent green satisfactory stars, or maybe she earned instead 5 silver stars, 1 red star, 1 gold star, 3 green stars, and 5 blue stars, for example, she would be rewarded with the tutu from her wish list. So, being physically rewarded at the end of the week with something from her wish list may help her to become motivated each day during the week to improve upon the targeted behavior area that she needs to work on. No physical rewards would be given at the end of the week, however, should points fall below 150. Of course, I may need to adjust this point reward system, along with my legends I use, as deemed appropriate 😉


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