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I just personalized a mini-book at website.  This mini-book, as shown below, will eventually be added into my wee Diffendoofer’s volcano themed lap-books. Thus far the additional items for the volcano lap-book that we have been working on include;  a paper model of a volcano (just needs to be glued together), graphics and photos of volcanoes that I pre-cut for the children to paste later on, a printed out recipe with directions for making a volcano at-home as our science experiment that I found online, additional mini-books, coloring pages, flip-books, vocabulary words, circle book, and much more educational information that is all related to volcanoes.  All the material to be added to our volcano lap-book I have found online.  I intend to keep searching online for even more material for their volcano lap-books until they have more than enough material for them to put together the most elaborate volcano lap-books possible.  All of the gathered material collected so far is being stored in a hanging file folder.  Different size Ziploc bags are being used for the small and loose items to also be housed inside a hanging file folder until we are ready to put the lap-books together.  I may just create a few file folder games as well that are relative to volcanoes for more volcano learning fun.  Hmm, between all of the crafts, books, and learning material that will accumulate over time with each school subject, it would be a great idea I think now to start creating a system of storage for it all.  I have given thought to purchasing a very large light-weight steel shelving unit on wheels that allows for each shelf to adjust to the height of what is being stored on that shelf.  I could always spray paint this unit, should I need the unit to match the living decor in the home 😉


Customized 5/4/14

v is for volcano


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