Happy Easter Everyone!!!


        Look what the Easter Bunny left my little Diffendoofers this morning!!!

They are not awake yet, he he.  Miss Bonkers, that’s me a.k.a. “Mom”, thankfully woke up very early this morning, before the wee ones woke up, to check it all out 😉  The Easter Bunny helpers (Grammy and Grandpa) made a trip from Maine to our house last Christmas, leaving the book and stuffed bunny here to give the little ones at Easter time ♡  Diffendoofers will also enjoy what the Easter Bunny has left to include a hoolah hoop, a light up leg spinner, light up bouncy balls, a magnifying glass, a compass bracelet,  a watering can, a spade, a rake, and a shovel, re-usable baskets, and pails for homeschool activities, bug splatters, balloon rockets, butterfly nets, art smocks, Easter wear accessories, Easter stickers, Easter egg kit, mini wipe of boards, a foam airplane, crayons, and of course a variety of candies and chocolate thrown in 😉  Hopefully everyone will be in celebration today, enjoying Easter Day in whatever ways they can, and remember most of all that Christ has Risen today!


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