Thinking and Planning Ahead for Diffendoofer School..

I have been thinking and planning ahead for Diffendoofer School with a few options I may choose for our Curriculum, Unit Studies, Lessons, and such to likely really start beginning the more structured schooling this Autumn.  I am and have been in the planning stages for Diffendoofer School since January.  My final decision to homeschool has not been decided upon yet.  I have been mainly researching on the subject, whilst somewhat putting together my homeschooling areas with purchasing many of the items necessary or useful for our homeschool, and printing and cutting, and laminating, and creating a great deal of tools that my children and I will use as learning aids.  So, for now, I am “in the beginning process of making a commitment to homeschool” without having made “the final commitment to homeschool”, if that makes any sense.  It is a great deal of work just starting out in these beginning stages to put a homeschool together with all that homeschooling entails, including creating and updating this homeschooling blog, LoL :D.  I realize, a homeschooling blog will prove invaluable for me and my family, and perhaps be useful to others that check out my homeschooling blog.  Mainly, the Diffendoofer School blog is functioning for me as a place to put together my plans and goals, ideas, lessons, etc. to homeschool my little Diffendoofers, and at the same time allows my family to view what we are doing, will be doing, have done already, and what we/I would also like to do.  My children’s father is currently in Hawaii, dealing with business there, and my oldest daughter, aged 22, lives in Pennsylvania and the children’s grandparents live in Maine.  So, this homeschooling blog allows them to keep abreast on the happenings here at home with at least the homeschooling stuff.  Anyhow, thus far for World History as a subject, you may view here to see what I am pondering.  For a bit of additional fun to World History lessons, my son’s little memorabilia suitcase I am planning on converting into a passport suitcase.  So, he will have his own suitcase to use with the Little Passports World Edition subscription once that subscription starts. As you can see below, I think his little suitcase is perfect to use as a passport suitcase for him.  It only needs a few minor repairs, and then he will be all set to use it on a regular basis when he begins lessons in World History 🙂

My 3 year old son's passport suitcase

My 3 year old son’s passport suitcase


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