Just Starting Out

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As you can see, I have not got it all together yet.  I am just starting out, putting together our “Diffendoofer School” areas and everything else that is involved with homeschooling, LoL 😛  These photos were taken just before St. Patrick’s Day, and err, I never quite got around to finishing our St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board.  The bookcases with desks are made by Ikea, and are just perfect for each of my “Diffendoofers”.  I converted our bar with the bar top serving as the display area for our bulletin boards, and underneath the bar serves as storage for things like art & craft supplies as well as some office supplies, and a few other materials.  I included some pictures of just a few of the lessons that I have started to put together, but I have not yet finished.  I will later on include the links here to the websites that I found to make the playdough mat, the build a rainbow busy bag, the sight words die, and all of the items that you see placed in the pocket chart.  I bought the pocket chart at Office Depot for about $20?  Not shown in the photos above, I do have a 10-file folder style pocket chart that I use for our file folder games, and another style pocket chart that has I think 8 deep pockets altogether with a sentence strip pocket on the outside of each of the 8 deep pockets. I use this style pocket chart for children’s educational magazines, wipe-off activity books, wipe-off boards, (2) standard letter-sized chalk boards and other learning aids.  Also not shown in the photos above, I have placed at the top of my daughter’s bookcase a 55-gallon aquarium tank.  I am not sure if we will use the aquarium for goldfish, or for turtles just yet.



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