PVC Pipe & Fittings Projects

On Tuesday of this week, a lady delivered to me PVC pipe and fittings for a variety of projects that I plan on doing for our homeschool.  For $50- I received (3) 12 ft. pipes, (1) 10 ft. pipe, (6) 4 ft. pipe, (6) 2 ft. pipe, and a bin full of a variety of pipe fittings. I found the PVC pipe and fittings through searching on craigslist and unexpectedly this lovely lady offered to deliver it all straight to my door on her lunch break.


One of the projects I got the pipe and fittings for was so that I could make the phone for the file folder game activity below that I discovered at http://www.hummingbirded.com/abcs.html.  You may either click on the linked photos below, or click on the link above to go directly to hummingbird educational resources website to see this and more from the source of which it came 🙂  I do intend, of course, to post my own pictures of my own finished creation that are similar to the one you see in the pictures below.  I thought this would be a great way to help my daughter with sounding out phonics, using the PVC pipe phone.  For now, the children, have been using a few of the shorter pipe pieces as marble/ping-pong/golf ball/plastic eye balls/water/etc. tubed runs, etc. 😀  Some other ideas I plan to use the PVC pipe and fittings for is to make pocket chart stands, use for waterwalls, make framed structures for ideas like for a theater, a tent, a house, a shop, etc.

“Another file folder game to go with No More Letter of the Week
Children will use PVC pipe phonic phone to point to a sound card and make letter sound.”


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