About Diffendoofer School

About Diffendoofer School
I decided to name our homeschool, “Diffendoofer School”, which is the same name of a fictional school that is written about in a Dr. Suess book called, “Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!” What Diffendoofer students ultimately learn at “Diffendoofer School”, in the Dr. Suess book, is learn to think for themselves, as every student of any age should do. In my homeschool, it is my highest hope that my children will learn to think for themselves. My little ones and I so love silly, unusual words, and “Diffendoofer” certainly sounds silly, and unorthodox. My little ones and I also love roleplaying, A lot! At home I refer to my wee ones as my Diffendoofers, and rather than be addressed as “Mom” when our school is in session, I am now being referred to as “Miss Bonkers” whenever my Diffendoofers have questions. So there you have it, “Diffendoofer School” from Dr. Suess book best represents our homeschool and hopefully that name will grow with us throughout all of the homeschool years without the hassles of re-registering a different name for our homeschool. If you wish to purchase the Dr. Suess book, “Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!”, you may do so here, or click on the image here —>



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